Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Cupcakes Saved the Day.

We need to rewind our story a little bit…

When Bluebird reached the surface of the pond with Ducky under his wing, Ducky immediately began to cry.
Ducky cried LOUDLY!
He cried so loud that termites trembled!
He cried so loud he frightened fish!
He cried so loud it hurt elephant ears!
No one could hear a thing except Ducky crying!
Even Ducky could not hear anything except his own crying.

Bluebird tried to console Ducky.
“Look duck! You’re alright now! I’ll hold you with my wing and swim you to shore!” , yelled Bluebird.
Ducky continued blubbering.
“Duck, I will keep you afloat but you must calm down” hollered Bluebird!
Ducky saw the bluebird’s beak moving and tried to stop crying. The sobs just kept surfacing and he could not keep them down.

Bluebird realized that the duck’s sobbing was like having the hiccups—sometimes you just CANNOT stop. Bluebird began to swim toward the edge of the pond, taking the loudly crying duck with him.

On the banks of the pond sat two little girls. Just the other day, they had observed a unique bluebird. He was swimming in the pond! On this day, they watched the funny bluebird while they had a picnic with cupcakes and ice cream. Suddenly a duck SPLASHED into the pond and … well, they were as surprised as you and I at the events that unfolded before them. What a strange day!

Bluebird reached the dry banks of the pond with Ducky still wailing under his wing. The two picnicking girls quietly approached to see if they could help.
Ducky was inconsolable. He just kept crying.
Bluebird shrugged his shoulders. No one could hear anything over Ducky’s bawling.
Then the girls had an idea! They often came to the pond to throw bread crumbs to the other ducks. Maybe this duck would like cupcakes!

Taking a piece of cupcake, the girls tossed it in front of Ducky. Ducky’s eye caught the motion and instinctively, he caught the bite in his beak. The delicious taste of chocolate cupcake distracted Ducky from his distress. At once, the crying ceased! Ducky smiled.
Bluebird smiled.
The girls smiled.
Even the termites, fish and elephants smiled!

What a relief it was to be able to hear again.

Bluebird said, “Hi. I am Bluebird. I’m so glad you stopped crying.”
“Hi. I am Ducky. I’m so glad you saved me”, answered Ducky.
“Want to be best friends forever?” asked Bluebird.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” said Ducky. “We’ll be best friends forever!”

Bluebird and Ducky joined the girls on their blanket in the sun where they picnicked on chocolate cupcakes and ice cream for the rest of the afternoon.

And that is how cupcakes saved the day!

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  1. Caleb said that he LOVED this story and that cupcakes cheer him up too!

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